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The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust
Stella recognised the need for horse and donkey welfare in the CRT area and set up a CRT community development project to try and cater for this. Shortly afterwards her sister, Heather Armstrong, offered to help and through her efforts The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, a registered UK charity was established which Heather continues to run from her home in UK. The objects of the Trust are to reduce rural poverty by increasing productivity of working horses and donkeys through animal welfare and management education.

The International Primate Protection League
The IPPL are comitted to...
  • Supporting primate sanctuaries in the UK and overseas.
  • Finding suitable homes for ex-laboratory and other unwanted primates.
  • Providing expert advice to animal welfare groups and the media.
  • Alerting governments to illegal trade in primates.
  • Ensuring efficient use of funds.
  • Achieving sustainable conservation.

SSS Gambia provides educational support for the children of the Gambia living in Niamina East

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