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Camp Personnel

Stella Marsden The late Stella Marsden, nee Brewer, founded the project in 1974 as a solution for the group of confiscated orphan chimps in her care.

    Stella was full-time in the Gambia with responsibility not only for the chimps but for the Badi Mayo development that now allows visitors to share the camp experience (which now has full government support), supervision of the Sponsorship Scheme, on the ground development of the Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust (her sister, Heather Armstrong, administers & raises the Trust's funds in the UK) and for the development of the Alexander Edward's clinic, which was constructed in Sambel Kunda, and funded by a UK trust of the same name.

Edrissa Edrissa joined the project ten years ago to patrol and protect the islands, a job he takes very seriously. However, off duty he is equally skilled at creating a light hearted atmosphere in camp and is well known for his wit and good humor.

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