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Chimp Dispatches

A record of significant happenings.

8th February 2007

Hexel gives birth - sex unknown.

13th January 2007

Malou gives birth - sex unknown.

October 2006

Badi Mayo confirms its 100th paying visitor night.

October 2006

Badi Mayo makes front page feature in Africa Geographic ~ October 2006 Edition.

August 2006

Gambia Horse and Donkey Association granted NGO status.

August 2006

International Journal of Primatology publishes our paper on the demography of the CRA's chimps: no significant difference to that of truly wild chimps [Vol.27, No. 4, 2006].

July 2006

Stella receives OBE from HM Queen Elizabeth II.

1st July 2006

Melanie gives birth to Morgan only three years after Malika [birth interval is normally about 6 years]

June 2006

Stella conferred with the honorary degree of DVMS at University of Glasgow.

June 2006

Badi Mayo featured in Travel Africa ~ Summer 2006 Edition

May 2006

Haddie, daughter of Hexel. Dies at 2 months old.

1st March 2006

Island 1: Pooh's group Melanie's daughter, Debbo, gives birth to daughter, Danielle.

17th February 2006

Island 2: Hexel gives birth to daughter, Haddie.

4th February 2006

From this date sightings of the endangered West African manatee frequently made from the water house; 9 sightings in 1.5 hours on 5th February.

3rd February 2006

Kerstin Norrman - CRT's representative in Sweden since 1980 - visits.

2nd February 2006

Island 1: Pooh's group - Milly, Malou's six month old daughter, died of injuries sustained in what had all the hallmarks of a chimp attack, possibly by Dash's group. Malou carried Milly's corpse for 17 days.

24th January 2006

Mark Everleigh, travel writer and author, visits and reports we are set to become one of the most exciting wildlife venues in Africa.

18th January 2006

The British High Commisiosner, E Jenkinson, O.B.E., and his wife over nighted and visited all the islands and following day the school, clinic and the Gambia Horse & Donkey association centre in Sambel Kunda.

16th January 2006

Marine borers found in the tallingbaru wood piles of the waterhouse.

3rd January 2006

Stella given notice that the Senate of the University of Glasgow wished to confer the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (DVMS)

1st January 2006

Stella appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.)

6th December 2005

First paying visitors in the tented accommodation. A part of their visitor book entry reads: "A memorable and epic drive to Kuntaur...A welcome cool drink during the boat transfer followed by a shower with a view - one of the most amazing shower views in the world. To see the chimps and wild life was wonderful and to see Diao (I sponsor him) was terrific. .....wanted hippos and we got them and crocs but the village was the highlight for us. We will be back for a longer stay -- please don't change too much -- it's perfect."

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