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Stella born 1980

    Stella joined the project in 1982. She is a long limbed, very slim chimp, with a long face and long hands and feet. In fact we call her our long chimp. She is not the prettiest chimp of the group but she has a lovely disposition. She is quiet and thoughtful and yet still very alert, curious and aware of what is going on around her. She is an intelligent and inventive chimp who comes up with some surprising new ways of doing things.

    In 1993 she gave birth to her first baby, a male called Sean. Most of our female chimps are about fourteen years old before they have their first babies so Stella at thirteen years old was younger than average when she became a mother. However, she has proved to be an excellent parent to her small son, Sean, so she had obviously watched and absorbed the mothering behaviour of the older females in her group.

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