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Nelson & Nellie, offspring of the late Nini

Nelson & Nellie,
offspring of the late Nini

    Nini joined the project in 1976 as a rather traumatized four year old. With help and much affection from her human friends Nini grew up and blossomed in to a truly remarkable chimp.

    In 1984 Nini gave birth to her first infant, a female called Nicky, to whom she was an exemplary mother. In 1990 Nelson was born and Nini allowed Nicky to play with and even carry her little brother so she never seemed to go through the phases of rejection and jealousy that many older siblings experience at the arrival of a new baby.

    Both Nicky and Nelson have developed into very well adjusted sociable chimps due very much I think to Nini`s excellent parenting. In 1996 Nellie, Nini`s third baby was born and so Nini has her hands full again with a new infant. Nicky who is now fourteen is already beginning to spend a substantial amount of time away from her mother and we are expecting to see he with her own infant in the near future. Which will make Nini a grand mother. Nini is kind, generous and very quick-witted and is a high-ranking member of her community.


Tragically Nini died in April 1999 leaving two and a half year old Nellie and nine year old Nelson as orphans. Remarkably Nelson adopted his little sister and due to his diligence and care Nellie has survived well the first year with out her mother. Their touching story continues...

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