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Hexel born 1976

    Hexel was born in the wild; she was captured when still very young and shipped to Europe by a Belgian animal dealer. The animal dealer, who turned out to be quite notorious, was caught trying to smuggle Hexel and another little chimp, who we now know as Zwockle, from Belgium into Germany. Hexel and Zwockel were confiscated by customs officials, taken to Frankfurt Zoological Society where they were nursed back to health and kept safely until a solution could be found for them.

    In 1981 Frankfurt Zoological Society sent Hexel and Zwockel to our project in Gambia, giving them both a second chance. Hexel embraced this chance whole-heartedly and has grown up into a beautiful chimp. Her classic good looks were some what spoilt by the loss one ear in a terrible attack she suffered at the age of eight. To this day we still do not know what happened to her.

    In 1988 she gave birth to her first son, Hesus, and although quite young in chimp terms to become a mother, she proved to be an excellent parent. In 1995 Hexel produced her second son whom we have called Henry. Hexel is a peace-loving individual who will try and avoid noisy situations. She is courageous and gentle and has fathomless brown eyes. She is one of the most intelligent chimps in her group.

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