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Frankie born 1994

    Frankie was born in the wild in the rainforest of Guinea, probably in 1994. Frankieís life changed forever when she was about two years old, when she became another victim of the bush meat trade. Her mother was shot by hunters and little Frankie snatched from her body. She was found tied to a village market stall on which her motherís remains were being sold for meat. Luckily she was rescued from this dreadful situation and brought to the CRA where she could be cared for properly. Most infants in Frankieís situation would have died from shock and grief, or be killed by inappropriate handling. Although Frankie carries some deep-rooted scars, this has not prevented her from making the most of her second chance at a life in the wild.

    Her integration onto Island 2 was initially very difficult. We had all but given up hope for her integration, but then she reached late adolescence and became very attractive to alpha male, Fouta and the whole scenario changed. The attraction was enthusiastically reciprocated and in August 2005 she gave birth to a son, Felix.

    She is now a pretty chimp with a very private, self-contained character. Despite her age and background, with her awful start in life, she now dotes on her son and has become an exceptional mother. They are a very close little family.

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