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Diao born 1997

    Diao was born late in 1997 somewhere in the forests of Guinea. His mother was almost certainly killed by local hunters for meat. If Diao resembles her at all she was a pretty female with a strong character and a resilient constitution.

    It is a miracle that Diao survived his capture. He was less then a year old when orphaned, and was treated very carelessly by his captors. He must have inherited a very strong constitution and a great will to live or he would not be with us today.

    He was found tied by the neck to a mango tree in a remote village in southern Senegal by rangers from the Niokolo Koba National Park. He was so thin that his head appeared much too big for his body. Janis Carter was contacted and she hurried to his rescue. When she saw him she knew that if she did not rescue Diao immediately he would almost certainly die. With difficulty he was confiscated and rushed back to Janis' house in Banjul where he remained for the next six months to recover. Once healthy and inoculated he was taken to camp to join Beng and Frankie who immediately befriended him. Diao is a solemn little fellow but since he has had the company of the other two young chimps he seems to be recovering psychologically as well as physically from the traumas he has been through.

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