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Cracker born 1989

    Cracker is Katie's daughter. When Katie joined the project in 1975 she was less than two years old and had been confiscated with nine other chimps at Schipol airport, Holland. Katie was an exceptional character. A tiny frail creature when she arrived. she grew into a fine healthy chimp with an incredible ability to make and use tools. This got her name into a scientific journal describing tool use by chimpanzees.

    In 1989 she gave birth to a daughter, Cracker, to whom she was a good and careful mother. Tragically Katie died in 1996. No one saw what happened. She was found dead in a tangle of lianas. Cracker was between six and seven years old when she was orphaned, which is just old enough to be able to cope on her own without developing too many physical and psychological hang-ups.

    Hexel, Katie's best friend, did what she could to help look after Cracker and after a whole year of being quiet and depressed she is now quite bright and sociable again. The resemblance between Katie and Cracker is remarkable. Cracker is a very strong and resilient chimp. These are characteristics that she has inherited from her mother but which have been tempered by circumstances.

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