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Welcome to website for
The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust.

This page will keep you informed of interesting events post the ousting of CRA from their camp and the seizure of the CRA/CRT property and assets. If this is your first visit to our site please go to the “About Us” page to learn a little more of our history and what has been achieved.

Recent website down time

23rd March 2010

Huge apologises to anyone trying to visit the website over the past couple of weeks. We have moved the website to a new faster system and that caused some unexpected problems. Everything is back up and running now.

Stella’s School Scheme

22nd June 2009

The Charity Commission today advised that Stella’s School Scheme had been approved as a registered charity (No.1130256). Previously it operated with a restricted account under the CRT umbrella. The first trustees are: Heather Armstrong, Ros Harris and David Marsden. Anyone currently supporting a child at the Sambel Kunda School need take no action at present. It will take some time to effect the change over. Please just keep your support going & you will be advised of change of addresses etc when all is ready.

David Marsden withdraws from The Gambia

8th May 2009

Six months after CRA was ousted and now with little prospect of a sensible resolution and recently accused of ‘economic sabotage’ David withdraws from The Gambia. (A very rough analysis of expenditure in the region since 2003 revealed that Stella/CRT/CRA had been responsible for more than £1 million pounds being spent – a quite surprising figure and one that made a complete nonsense of any accusation of ‘economic sabotage’.)


24th November 2008

Forty years ago in The Gambia, probably in the summer of 1968, Stella Brewer met William, the chimp who ordained the direction of her adult life.The forty years that Stella lived after that meeting were, to a greater or lesser degree, devoted to ensuring that 'her' chimps would have the best possible future. At the time of her death she had the responsibility of more than 80 free living chimps in the River Gambia National Park, The Gambia.

Cracker is a mum again

19th November 2008

Cracker is at 19 a mum again – exactly a year ahead of our predicted date. We saw her new baby for the first time on 19 October 2008. With Coco still only 3 ¾ years old, and so quite dependent, Cracker will have her hands full to look after both chimps.

Press release: Friends of Animals to fund chimpanzee refuge...

6th November 2008

Priscilla Feral, CEO, Friends of Animals (FoA), states in a press release that following a landmark agreement FoA, a US animal-rights organisation, will help support and fund the chimp project. Feral makes no mention of the ousting of CRA nor of Stella. When CRA/CRT supporters email Ms Feral to ask why FoA used their funds in such away when there is so much important work to be done elsewhere she responds with a variation of the Nuremberg defence by saying ‘FoA was invited to do so.’

CRA ousted from CRA camp and CRA/CRT assets seized

29th October 2008

A cabal of government servants together with a Matthew Selinske, who alleges he is employed by Friends of Animals (FoA – a US animal rights organisation), and supported by armed para-military police, seize the CRA camp and Badi Mayo. Selinske announces that Janis Carter has been appointed (who by it was not made clear) as director of the chimp project. Twenty-two CRA staff were summarily dismissed

£2,130 raised in total by Ros in the CCC

12th July 2008

Ros Harris managed to raise through sponsorship for her marathon a grand total of £2,130! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that supported her!

Ros Harris completes fund raiser

27th June 2008

Ros Harris completed the Cheltenham Circular Challenge today and raised a substantial amount for the CRT and Gambia Horse and Donkey. A story of what was involved as recalled by Ros follows.

The walk was definitely easier for me this year as we didn’t have the torrential rain and the knee high mud to walk through. I was fine at work the next day but it was hilarious watching Jackie, our vet limping with sore ankles, Lou limping with sore toes, Krupa limping with sore hips and Sharna limping with sore legs!

II thought of Stella so much on the walk and felt she was watching over willing us on. It meant such a lot to see Heather (Stella's sister) waiting at the finishing line. It was lovely that Momadou and Amadou were able to be there and see how us mad English people try and raise money for the charity! Everyone came back to our house after and we celebrated with a few beers and homemade Dexter beef casserole ( I obviously made all the food the day before!). I think your Stella would have been very pleased with it all. We are still collecting the sponsor money in but it looks like we will have approx £1,700

Well done Ros, thank you for all your support and thank you to all that sponsored her!

Stella buried at the islands

2nd to 4th February 2008

Stella buried on the mainland next to her good chimpanzee friend Zwockle

Stella succumbs to cancer

24th January 2008

After a brave battle against cancer Stella passed away in the UK

Rumours emerge from USA

March 2007

Shortly after Stella’s diagnosis becomes public knowledge rumours emerge from the USA that ‘…the government is to kick Stella out and install Janis Carter’. There appears to be a strong Friends of Animals (FoA) connection to these rumours. (FoA is an American animal rights organisation having a long association with Janis Carter)

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